Sunday, 27 November 2022

Embroidery Calendar Wheel Sep-Oct-Nov


Sorry about the long disappearance  . I'm still here !  

Oh my goodness , so where were we ?

So on the 2nd September I was very excited about the NASA Space rocket Artemis launch . I have fond memories of the Apollo Moon Mission 1969 .

Artemis was going to send it's capsule Orion around the back of the moon and send back pictures of the side that we have never seen .

(Orion was also the name of my husband's rock group back in the 70's . He thinks it was pretty cool that they'd named the space capsule after them ! lol ! )

I had sat down with my cup of tea , needle and piece of cloth  and was going to really enjoy the whole countdown to "we have lift off " thing . 

I thought that this was going to be such an important thing  that I should fill the whole of the September slot up with this embroidery and I would really make it my best stitching .

However , the launch was beset with problems , hydrogen leaks and then storm clouds ,lightning and then Hurricane Ian .  

It was rolled back into the garage to take shelter and for repairs .... sigh .

On 8th September the Queen died .

It was all such a very , very sad time and my needle became frozen .

Everyone on the Stitching A Round group were embroidering the most beautiful things in sweetest memory of her . 

I was just stuck frozen .  The funeral in London was so so moving . Her passing really affected me .

So I still have not finished this and didn't know what to do . 

I have stitched this little door to go over Artemis . 

                           So I am still working on this .

October then flew by . It was a month of tumbling leaves and toadstools .

I am still working on the month of October  .

This is all I am stitching for November and quite rightly so .

Almost December ...with all that is going on in the world out there , I don't feel like Christmas and haven't put the decorations up yet . 

I also had my little Fat Face handbag stolen , with my tiny patchwork project in , liberty print hexies , needlework supplies, book and precious scissors's a long story ... I am trying to get over this ...but now I feel like I can't get going with my patchwork ...and it is the thing that helps me feel happy and calm .

I make miniature patchwork quilts for antique and vintage dolls house dolls .

                                     Sometimes the dolls help me .

Would you like to see more of my dolls ?

My lovely daughter bought me another little bag , so maybe I,ll try again in the new year .

Saturday, 3 September 2022

Embroidery Calendar Wheel -September - NASA Artemis Rocket Launch


I have been so busy in the garden and life in general over the past couple of months that I have hardly had time to do my embroidery , but the N.A.S.A . Artemis 1 rocket launch fired me up again and I just knew I had to make some time to stitch this space rocket !

I am sitting beside my computer screen right now , watching it's progress and have been stitching away all morning .

They are having problems .... a hydrogen leak .

...and now they are about to make an announcement .....looks like it's going to be a "no go " today .

Such a shame ...hope they can fix it quickly !

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Embroidery Calendar Wheel - update

Trying to catch up .The vegetable garden has been priority and life has been pulling me down .

However after hurting my back again , moving a ton of logs from the old woodshed into the front porch ,  because the old workshop and woodshed is going to be pulled down and a new one built in a couple of weeks time and everything has to be cleared out of there ..... I am having a couple of rest days, before continuing with clearing . I still have to take out the pallets that the logs had been stacked on .I should be able to just "wheel" them out and put them to one side .  We will be re-using them in the new woodshed . 

So now reclining on the old sofa in the summer house , I have picked up the embroidery wheel calendar journal project once again and I'm looking to see where I'm up to with it .

I am so far behind  ! I quickly stitched in the big hot heatwave sun for July , but looking back to June I couldn't think what on earth the little pencil sketch  I'd done was ?

I checked in my little note book of ideas for the embroidered icons .. but it was not much help !

Husband said it looked like a space ship and it is true that I do like to wave to the space station as it  glides over us in the evening , but it doesn't look like that ! 

No idea what it could be frustrating . So we are just over half of the year stitched and now I feel stuck . 

                                   " Now where's my marmalade sandwich  ? "

...... and then I remembered !  It's Paddington ! He had gone to Buckingham Palace to have tea with the Queen !  

 I also stitched in the Union Jack flag flying in the breeze . Very fiddly to embroider and important not to stitch it upside down ! 

            " Anyone for a cup of tea ? " and " Would you like a marmalade sandwich ma'am ? "

Sunday, 3 July 2022

Sunday Stitching


          Had a pleasant time teaching my grand daughter some basic embroidery stitches .

           Little pink bird . She chose the colours . A sweet and simple embroidery sampler.....

           take home to show her Mummy .

                                  I hope she can find a little picture frame to put it in .

Saturday, 25 June 2022

The Third Eye


I,ve been very busy in the vegetable garden and greenhouse . May is an incredibly hectic month  for pricking out , potting up , planting out and sowing seeds . So I have had very little time for my needlework . I am resolved to complete the Embroidery Calendar Wheel , but to be honest , I am a bit fed up with it for the time being . I will come back to it though !

I am wanting to get back to doing my medieval embroidery and I did pull out my Bayeux Tapestry bits and pieces to have a think about doing some more of that .

I've got that "in-between projects " kind of feeling , although I don't feel that the tide of inspiration has gone out completely . I have to enjoy whatever it is I'm working on  . 

So to satisfy that feeling and get my fingers busy again , I thought I,d repair my ripped jeans . 

Not my own idea , but one I have seen lots of on Pinterest .

My eyes are hazel ...which is a funny old mixture of green and brown  .

A mixture of all the above colours , stitched with one thread of DMC embroidery cotton . Using what I'd describe as a loose or nice and free needle-painting technique . Maybe some long and short stich and split stitches . Not really worrying about it too much . 

Just having a bit of fun with this on my old ripped gardening jeans .

What you do is stitch the eye on to a little piece of similar weight cloth to the denim . then pin it on the inside of the rip . Stitch it down , keeping the lovely frayed edges  .

 I had a little think about how to do the eye lashes . Then we went  for a walk  and I wore them to see if it felt o.k......which it did . 

I felt it wasn't finished and added more  . I used Ghiordes Knot Stitch for the eye lashes , which is easier to do than spell !  I thought about adding black into the mix .

I was worried that it might then look too hard .  Unsure . So I thought I'd sleep on it .

I am happy with how it looks sideways on .

I like the way the eye changes its colour and mood in different light .

Still not sure if I should add a little bit of black "eye-liner " .

What do you think ? 

Wednesday, 8 June 2022

St Edward's Crown - finished

 So anyway , I carried on with it and got it finished . It isn't terribly accurate I know . I wanted to put in the correct colour of the largest stones at least .There are lots of pictures of it on the internet , but it seemed to me , each one different . So I just did the best I could .

Thursday, 2 June 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee -70 Anniversary


When you've been working for two weeks on an embroidery of St Edward's Crown for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee -70 years anniversary of her ascension to the throne and your husband comes along and says "That's nice - shame you've done it over the wrong month .".........    sigh  .......  

Monday, 9 May 2022

Putin's War- 9th May

 The other thing that is slowing me down on this little project is I am constantly thinking that I can't stitch  just the happy things going on in my life . 

It would not be right .

 How can I ignore and not record the horrors that are being done to a country that was that was up until February living like me , a happy and peaceful life ?

Ordinary people just getting on with their simple ordinary lives . Enjoying the simple little pleasures , similar to the happy little things that I am recording on my embroidered calendar wheel . 

Such sorrow .... I decided to stitch a little of it on the outer edge of my embroidered cloth . Just very simply in black .  I am choked up with tears with what I am seeing on the news . 

I have no words .  

Mothers are weeping .


Sunday, 8 May 2022

Flora Day 2022 - Helston


I haven't had much time for sitting and stitching . I am extremely busy in my potting shed and the vegetable garden at the moment . 

It was Flora Day yesterday and my grandson was dancing with Parc Eglos School , so I wanted to record that on my calendar embroidery .Even though as it turned out I couldn't go 😞

There are lots of videos on Youtube that people are now sharing of the wonderful day and my daughter sent me lots of photos . Grandma is SO proud !

Over 1,000 children dance through the town all dressed in white with a button hole of Lily of the Valley , Helston's flower and this year is the 100 year anniversary of the Childrens' Dance .

Our Parc Eglos boys wear red ties and the girlies wear Poppies and Buttercups in their hair .

I have only made a little start on this one and it is hard to make the white to show up very clearly ,but it is a memory for me and I will know what it is . Sorry about that .  I will add more to it . I just wanted to give an update here today  . Helston Town Band are awesome ! We are SO proud of them ! Got to stitch that Big Bass Drum .

Will add some more and better pics soon . Oh my ! How time flies !

Tuesday, 5 April 2022

Of Ships and Mermaids - part two


So I'm working on my little mermaid again . Yes ..mermaids are occasionally seen here in the waves around Mullion . Sitting on the rocks  , admiring themselves in coral mirrors that glint in the sun and combing their long sea-weedy hair .

I unpicked the dark outline that I had stitched around the Moon ..... but ....I am thinking of taking out the Moon altogether .  Be gone Moon !  

Maybe do another Moon . Bigger , brighter , better ! More stars !  

I stitched a dark green outline over her right hip/thigh , top of her beautiful fishy tail  .

The star ....hmmm ...I'll keep the star but I think I could improve on that , just a little bit  .

Her coral mirror - I need to finish .

 ........ Shall she have a crown ?  A pearl necklace ?  What do you think ?

Saturday, 2 April 2022

The Wonderful Thing !


                                                My sister's new baby arrived !

The last icon for March  . I gave baby the most important space down in the very heart of my calendar wheel . 🙏🏻🕊🧡