Wednesday, 4 September 2019

A Crewel Embroidered Bed cover and Pillows for the new Cloth Doll

I began to make the doll's clothes , I had cut out the patterns and these , at present are spread out over my table . Due to hospital appointments I couldn't begin to make them up . So needed to put together a small hand sewing project I could do while in the hospital waiting room .
 I decided to make the new cloth doll (17th century) a set of bed covers and pillows .

 I quickly drew on a simple pattern with a pencil and grabbed a handfull of crewel wool , a needle and my scissors and stuffed them into my handbag .

                                                 Poppet Ælfwynn
 Actually I had a little helper who came to start it off for me . I know there are a lot of you out there , who love old dolls/poppets .
    I have a soft spot for cloth/rag dolls . This is one of my favourite dolls . She is an English historical re-enactment doll , dressed in 1400-1500 period clothes .
   I have been trying to find out who made her . 
              I love her and she is very helpful as you can see .

                             Easy to roll up and stuff into my handbag .

 It it surprising how many little empty moments of "waiting" we have in our lives ....I quickly stitched this while waiting at the petrol station .

                      Waiting for our lunch at the local supermarket cafe .

 I sat in the hospital waiting room stitching away , while waiting for my husband who had a very long appointment with the doctor .

                              I managed to complete the middle flower .
    Very fluffy blue wool , for some reason ....but it's o.k ..this doesn't have to be's just for a dolly's bed .

   I,ve been doing a little more , propped up on my pillows, before sleep ....
                   .............sometimes forgetting how late it is !

                                                  Slow stitching ......
   Nice and easy , making it up as I go along , slow and comforting crewel embroidery . 17th century style bed cover for the new cloth doll .
  To be continued ......   :)

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Hush.....Shhhh .....

 Hush .....Shhh .... got to keep this dolly a secret ....she is going to be a surprise for my little grand-daughter !

Friday, 23 August 2019

A Cloth-Doll for my Grand-daughter .

It's doll making season again ....well it is for me . Early Autumn always fills me with dolly inspiration .

 I love making dolls and have made using patterns and some with my own patterns .
 You may remember I had begun to make an Antique Izannah Walker inspired  cloth and paper-clay doll . The pattern I am using here is the one that Dixie Redmond of Northdixie Designs has so generously shared on her blog .
 "  This doll was made with Dixie Redmond's free doll pattern "
link -

 Her blog is delightful and full of advice and tips for making /collecting these charming dolls . Her own reproduction dolls are just so beautiful ! Do take a look at her blog at the link above .

So for me...sigh happened..and my doll was put aside ....and when I took her out again ,  my absolutely gorgeous 3 year old grand-daughter looked at me with those eyes ....and said     " I want one ! "
 ...and so , I began to make a more child friendly version , all cloth doll , just for her .

                                          So here she is , as just begun .

                                    Which colour is Demelza's hair ?

With it being the beginning of Autumn here in Cornwall and how we have been enjoying Poldark on television , we thought that she should have Demelza's beautiful long red hair .
  My doll has more intricately stitched fingers and thumbs (see pictures above )..I simplified my Grand-daughter's dolly hands .

                                              What do you think ?

                            Well ..dolly loves her new red/orange hair !

  I am still working on her face...this is not too bad to start off with ..the eyes will be much bigger and I will put a few stitches in to give the impression of ears .

I want to inspire my little sweetheart grand-daughter to love embroidery and so I have stitched a good sampler of many simple stitches ....maybe soon she can have a go at a simple piece of embroidery .

               Dolly ! Are you climbing on the chair ?  Do be careful !

                                                  It could tip over !

                                            A closer look at dolly's hair .

 I have embroidered her little slippers , as Marla-Rose is inclined to take off dolls clothes and shoes and then they become lost forevermore !

 So with Autumn coming in , I am feeling inspired and have lots of needlework to do .

                                   I have pretty much finished this piece.

 I have a small piece of cork-board ready to block , straighten and flatten the piece .

 Then it will be ready for me to make into the front cover of a cloth book telephone and address book !  So then I have to make up the book and I,m going to embroider the pages inside is going to take a long time ..but I am enjoying every minute of it .

                              I wish you a relaxing and peaceful weekend .

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Our Wedding Anniversary

 Today is our 42nd wedding anniversary and I had embroidered us both into my picture .
  It should have been a happy day . . . but our beautiful ,  faithful  , little dog Milly passed away yesterday , peacefully . . . . she was very old and had been poorly for some months , but we had made sure her every last days were full of  love , fun and little treats . She was the softest and sweetest natured little Jack Russell in the whole world .
 We are all heartbroken .

I will embroider her into my picture , but not today , I am too fragile , it would be too hard for me to do . Too weepy .
  She loved to sit in the sunshine in the front porch and any visitors would be greeted by her little face at the porch door window , tail wagging with joy .
  The cottage and garden feel empty without her and I am so , so sad  .

I,m finding this embroidery very hard to continue right now ....I,m finding it hard to do anything at all .

Monday, 1 July 2019

The Birds and the Bees

Time for an update !   It's been a very busy time out in my garden and then I had Flu which knocked me for six !  I have still worked on this little scrap of embroidery . A little more every day .
 I,m using crewel wool . I,m calling it my Cornish Folk Embroidery with Crewel Wool .  It's what I do . It's the way I love to do my embroideries .
As I stitch I feel all my cares and worries melt away .
 The sun is shining in the big blue Cornish sky , any clouds just passing us by .
Happy families down at the beach , ice lollies , sandcastles , surf boards , pasties and fun !

  And so I stitched , and brought in my friends . The Blue tits are nesting in that bird house .

                    The fat Owl who lives in our towering Pine tree .

 We have had a pair of Ravens nesting up there too this year . It has been beautiful to watch them raising their three chicks .
 I will have to put them in here somewhere ....and my grandson says " What about the Woodpeckers that are nesting up there too ? You must do a Woodpecker ! We love to see the Woodpeckers ! " .... I will have to put hem in somewhere too !

                            ........and the Badgers ....beautiful creatures .

  " Don't forget my Sweetpeas ! " says my husband " Our garden seat and the towering Giant Echium with the buzzing bees ! "

                                              Sorry it's a bit blurred ! 

                                   Beautiful fox quietly passing through .

          Blackbird hopping through the undergrowth . They have a nest nearby .

 I might change him slightly, change the colour of his eyes and feet ...and finish filling in the trunk of the towering Pine tree .

                                          Another little Blue Tit  .

        The new garden seat .  A nice place to sit and do my embroidery , close my eyes and listen to the birds and the bees .
   Hope you are enjoying the sunshine . Hope it is not too hot for you , take care . Drink more water . Keep cool .  Enjoy !  x

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Pretty Blue Windmills

The weather has been glorious here in the far South West of Cornwall and I have been very busy in the garden , especially the vegetable garden  .
 I have still been doing a little of this embroidery every day , but not had time to take the photos and upload them for you .

As you already know , I am just making this up as I go and this week I have been enchanted by all the Spring flowers appearing out in the lane and on our Cornish Hedge . One of my favourites is the  Vinca Major , the Greater Periwinkle...or as I call them " Pretty Blue Windmills " . I have several different varieties of it and am on the look out for others , mainly because it seems to always be in flower all through the year . It dances through the bushes , skips along  our Cornish hedge , it makes for a delightful ground-cover .

         I thought they would make for a pretty border in my embroidery .

                 Some have variegated leaves and some are plain green .

    I know it is not perfectly stitched , but I am enjoying myself with it and feeling happy and relaxed .
    Cold weather has returned !
   Like pretty blue windmills turning in the wind ...and the weather has turned windy too ! It is cold again and we are having rain with hailstones .
           I have come in from the garden , to be warm beside the fire .

    The flowers appear all different shades of blue from light sky blue to cornflower blue through to violet .

                                          Happily stitching me .