Tuesday, 13 April 2021

My Luna Lapin - Ready to begin

 So here we are all ready to begin , with all the pattern pieces cut out , with notches and triangles snipped and the eye positions marked .

I spent a long time finding some matching thread and having a practice on that little triangle of felt . 
 It is important to match it up because the head is hand stitched with ladder stitch , which can be seen . 
If you look at my little triangle practice piece , you can see along the bottom edge the stitching that I did with a darker shade of green and on the top left hand edge is the perfectly matched one . 
  I took time to practice that Ladder Stitch too ! It has to be as neat as neat can be !

Sunday, 4 April 2021

Happy Easter Everyone !


                                             Happy Easter to you all ! 

I,m working in the vegetable garden today , the sun is shining and there is much to be done . 

I,m thinking rabbits , I love them , but not so much when they munch my Rainbow Chard . See the picture above , I must say , they are very wise rabbits , who know that if they leave the middle , then it will grow again . So today I have been replacing the chicken wire fencing around my vegetable beds .

I worked very hard , pulling weeds and spreading mulch , till my arms ached and I could do no more . 

Time for Elevenses and as it is Easter Sunday I enjoyed my mug o'tea with a slice of fruit loaf spread with jam and Clotted Cream .

 At last I can sit outside in my deckchair and enjoy reading my new book !

Easter Sunday seems like a good time to begin making my own Luna Lapin .

I have been waiting for a few supplies to arrive and still need a few more bits and pieces , buttons and threads .

I am so excited and have been looking at all the many different Lunas that people  have been making on the wonderful world wide web . You clever creative people and now I want one ! ....and one for my Grand daughter and one for my Mum and another one for me !

It looks a great project that can be stitched by hand , so I can pop it in my bag and do it where ever we happen to be .

I have only just dipped into the book and am very impressed at the needlework instructions . This would be a great gift for a teenager who might be interested in learning the basics . If you can make a Luna Lapin and a few little Luna outfits , that would be an excellent introduction to dressmaking/tailoring .

What a lovely sunny and warm day .. hard to believe it is all going to change tonight and a return to Winter for the whole of next week .

Feeling sleepy in my deckchair  , hope you are having a lovely weekend too . 

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Little Wooden Doll - Makes a Mattress

 So today , Little Wooden Doll is making a mattress for her new bed .

It is not too difficult to do , but stitching by hand does take a little time .

After turning it out , she sews tiny stitches along the edge to give it that nice boxy shape .

These are going to be the handles . They will be stitched onto the sides of the mattress .

Little Wooden  Doll stuffs the mattress with upholstery stuffing . She wants it to be lovely , soft and bouncy .

Then she puts in the mattress tufting , which holds it all together . 

                                                     Nearly finished .

                               Thinking about making the pillows next .

                                One very tired Little Wooden Doll !

Saturday, 6 March 2021

Little Wooden Doll makes a Patchwork Quilt - Nearly finished...but then .....


All seemed to be going well , until we realised that we had forgotten to add the last border !

Without that extra border , the quilt would not hang over the sides of the bed . 

                                                       Don't panic !
So now we had some serious work to do ! Unpick all the stitching around the edge  so that we could get to all three layers of the quilt .

The border strips were stitched on to the patchwork quilt top .

More red cotton was cut to stitch on to the quilt backing fabric .

Four more strips of quilt wadding/batting were cut and laid edge to edge and then stitched together using herringbone stitch  . This was tricky but not impossible . 
 Herringbone stitch can be a very useful stitch as well as decorative . In this situation it didn't need to be perfect , gently worked from side to side , pulling the edges together .
   Carefully and not too tightly . All three layers were then put back together, ready for some further quilting and when that is all done , it will all be quite secure and you would never know anything had ever gone wrong ! 
   This method could be used to extend a full size quilt if needed . 

We decided to sew on the binding next and finish the quilting later on .

Tomorrow we are going to make the mattress for the antique doll's bed .

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

Little Wooden Doll makes a Patchwork Quilt - Freehand Quilting Pattern

 Little Wooden Doll has marked out her quilting patterns with a chalk pencil .

She simply drew them on freehand .

The chalk brushes off easily after the quilting stitches are done .

She is very pleased with how it is beginning to look . 


Thursday, 25 February 2021

Little Wooden Doll - Patchwork Quilt - The Quilting Bee


Little Wooden Doll invites some friends over , to help with quilting her patchwork quilt  .

They enjoy a pleasant afternoon of tiny stitching , chatting and laughter .

                                          Many hands make light work !

                                                Tiny dolly stitches .

Sunday, 21 February 2021

Little Wooden Doll - is making a Patchwork Quilt - Quilting

 A parcel arrived for Little Wooden Doll !  It was the quilt wadding from Billow Fabrics . It is a new kind of wadding made from a mixture bamboo and cotton . New to me anyway ! It is perfect for our tiny patchwork quilt . Very , very thin , so the quilt will drape nicely on the bed .

We could have used flannel or even not used any wadding at all in such a small quilt , but Little Wooden Doll says she wants it to be nice and cosy and warm .

It is just perfect , so we pressed the patchwork top and the backing fabric with the iron and layered it up with the wadding . A pretty sandwich !

Then pinned it all together . Tip-  You can use safety pins for this ! I usually use little safety pins , then I can roll it up and pop it into my handbag , to stitch a little bit whenever I have an odd moment . I could not find my little safety pins .

Little Wooden Doll begins to quilt it all together . 

I do hope you are enjoying this Little Wooden Dolly Patch-working interlude !

Friday, 19 February 2021

Little Wooden Doll makes a Patchwork Quilt


There are lots of scraps of cotton fabric to choose from in the basket . Little Wooden  Doll chooses cheerful reds and creamy pinks and a little bit of green .

                                         She sews the squares into rows .

                                  Then she sews all the rows together .

Little Wooden Doll is pleased with the pattern it makes .

 She sews on some nice red cotton sashes and a little nine patch block at each corner . 

Then she stitches on four more sashes to surround it all and bring it up to the right size for the bed .
  I have ordered some quilting wadding  and we have to now wait for the postman to deliver it , hopefully in a few days time .
 Meanwhile I will begin making the new mattress and pillows . 
Hope you are enjoying this little interlude from embroidery !  

New Bed for Little Wooden Doll

                                                           It has arrived !

                                 It needs a little bit of tender loving care !

                                   The other one was just too small  .

                                              This is much better .

The bed needs a mattress , pillows and bed linen . Little Wooden Doll  begins to make a patchwork quilt for her new bed .

Sunday, 14 February 2021

St Valentine's Day !

                              Sending some stitching love to everyone today !

My Luna Lapin - Ready to begin