Monday, 1 July 2019

The Birds and the Bees

Time for an update !   It's been a very busy time out in my garden and then I had Flu which knocked me for six !  I have still worked on this little scrap of embroidery . A little more every day .
 I,m using crewel wool . I,m calling it my Cornish Folk Embroidery with Crewel Wool .  It's what I do . It's the way I love to do my embroideries .
As I stitch I feel all my cares and worries melt away .
 The sun is shining in the big blue Cornish sky , any clouds just passing us by .
Happy families down at the beach , ice lollies , sandcastles , surf boards , pasties and fun !

  And so I stitched , and brought in my friends . The Blue tits are nesting in that bird house .

                    The fat Owl who lives in our towering Pine tree .

 We have had a pair of Ravens nesting up there too this year . It has been beautiful to watch them raising their three chicks .
 I will have to put them in here somewhere ....and my grandson says " What about the Woodpeckers that are nesting up there too ? You must do a Woodpecker ! We love to see the Woodpeckers ! " .... I will have to put hem in somewhere too !

                            ........and the Badgers ....beautiful creatures .

  " Don't forget my Sweetpeas ! " says my husband " Our garden seat and the towering Giant Echium with the buzzing bees ! "

                                              Sorry it's a bit blurred ! 

                                   Beautiful fox quietly passing through .

          Blackbird hopping through the undergrowth . They have a nest nearby .

 I might change him slightly, change the colour of his eyes and feet ...and finish filling in the trunk of the towering Pine tree .

                                          Another little Blue Tit  .

        The new garden seat .  A nice place to sit and do my embroidery , close my eyes and listen to the birds and the bees .
   Hope you are enjoying the sunshine . Hope it is not too hot for you , take care . Drink more water . Keep cool .  Enjoy !  x

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Pretty Blue Windmills

The weather has been glorious here in the far South West of Cornwall and I have been very busy in the garden , especially the vegetable garden  .
 I have still been doing a little of this embroidery every day , but not had time to take the photos and upload them for you .

As you already know , I am just making this up as I go and this week I have been enchanted by all the Spring flowers appearing out in the lane and on our Cornish Hedge . One of my favourites is the  Vinca Major , the Greater Periwinkle...or as I call them " Pretty Blue Windmills " . I have several different varieties of it and am on the look out for others , mainly because it seems to always be in flower all through the year . It dances through the bushes , skips along  our Cornish hedge , it makes for a delightful ground-cover .

         I thought they would make for a pretty border in my embroidery .

                 Some have variegated leaves and some are plain green .

    I know it is not perfectly stitched , but I am enjoying myself with it and feeling happy and relaxed .
    Cold weather has returned !
   Like pretty blue windmills turning in the wind ...and the weather has turned windy too ! It is cold again and we are having rain with hailstones .
           I have come in from the garden , to be warm beside the fire .

    The flowers appear all different shades of blue from light sky blue to cornflower blue through to violet .

                                          Happily stitching me .

Thursday, 28 February 2019

More Blue Sky and more Trees

 The weather has been absolutely wonderful, sunny and warm here in Mullion and I am very busy in my garden .
 Such lovely weather to cheer us all !
   I took a little time out , to go and sit in our little summer house with my embroidery .
  It has been very warm and dry here . There have been gorse fires on Goonhilly , the Lizard Road being closed off for some time while the fire-men battled to extinguish the flames . The smoke drifting across our garden  . I feel sad for the wildlife .
 Thankfully we had a little rain over night still feels warm though .
Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather where ever you are .

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Sunshine Trees and a Garden Seat - Daisy's Stitch a Day 2019

 So here I am in my favourite corner choosing sky blue wool .. I held it up to the blue sky to compare on ...I think I,ll settle on this one .

Yes , the beautiful sun does keep making the occasional appearance between heavy squally showers  !

 I begin to put in the trees (lots and lots of Colonial  Knots) variegated Holly , the Tree Fern and a garden seat .
  I am enjoying doing a little every day .....just a few minutes here and there .
Have a beautiful and blessed Sunday . Hugs Debbie x

Friday, 25 January 2019

Wintery Weather Crewel Storm Clouds

Dark winter skies ... colder.....light the wood-burning stove ... but no snow .

                                               Every day a little more .

Flowers are beginning to show themselves in every corner of the garden..soon I will pick out more cheerful coloured threads to brighten my embroidered cottage garden .

Wintery wintry winterly wintry winterly wintery wintry wintery winterly ......
                        .. it can be any of these........ I choose ..Wintery !
                                                    in Cornwall.
            Still we have no snow or frost and there are Spring flowers !

Monday, 21 January 2019

Laying the Front Lawn and the Blood Moon Eclipse

Hello everyone... I haven't been posting for a while , this is due to our little dog being poorly , a bit of a worrying time . She's 16 years old ..maybe a bit more..but a good age for a Jack Russel....she hasn't been well over Christmas and New Year and last week had a couple of seizures ... she seems to have stabilised again now although maybe a little bit confused .
  We're taking one day at a time and every day is a precious and happy day .

   I have still been doing my few stitches every day though . It would be very boring for you if I put my progress on every day though wouldn't it ?
 I will be showing you some other things I,m working on along the way .

 The roof was a bit gruelling , since I felt that I had to do every single roof tile !

There are still a few tiles to do !  So much easier to stitch a thatch roof ...I will show you another embroidery that I did years ago of another cottage where we lived in Mullion .

                 An Grouse Cottage as it looked while my family lived there .
                                 An Grouse - Cornish for - The Cross
It was Grade 2 listed and the windows also had a separate listing, anyway we had to replace some of them and had to have them specially made by a carpenter expert in making these historical windows was months before the windows were finished and given there final coat of paint because of a pair of very beautiful but cheeky Magpies who kept coming and pecking out the putty in the frames !!
 Anyway , as I was saying , thatch is much easier to embroider .

                 So now I,m laying the front lawn ....long and short stitch .
I was up very early this morning to see the Blood Moon Eclipse 4am was a lovely clear sky and beautiful thing to have seen . I,m so glad I managed to get myself up and out to see it . Sadly my camera didn't pick up the red . While I was watching a huge meteorite fell below the moon , I wonder if anyone else saw or captured that on camera ?..No it happened too fast for my poor old camera , zooming in and out trying to focus !

Monday, 7 January 2019

Daisy's Stitch a day - The Cottage Roof

The weather in Mullion has been quite calm since before Christmas , mild , a bit overcast , not the slightest breeze . A good time to get the roof tiles onto my cottage , before the wild Winter weather returns .

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Daisy's Stitch-a-Day 2019 challenge

                                                   January 1st 2019

 Happy New Year to everybody ! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas .
 Yesterday I began my Stitch-a-Day 2019 challenge matter what other projects I am doing ...I am going to do a little of this every day of the year and just see how it turns out !
I have seen lots of people doing these Stitch-a-Day for a Year embroideries and thought it would really be a great project for me to do ....since I find it very hard when I come to the end of a project to get everything ready for the next . This will keep me calm enough to do that . PTSD ( which is a lot better now and  fading ) makes me feel like I,m hitting a brick wall...but once I,ve broken through it and got everything I need for my embroidery project together , then I am fine and it's plain sailing again .
  It will be my comforter in my handbag , ready to pull out and stitch whenever I have a few minutes or feel inspired during the day .
 I thought that I would begin with my home , our cottage in the middle of this old scrap of linen cloth . With a pencil I drew a very simple and freehand sketch of our cottage .
 I stitched over this with my crewel wool and that was as far as I got with it yesterday .

Little dog has been poorly again , vet , medicine, worried again , short walks only along our little Cornish country lane .....spied violets ..lots of them cheer us up !
                           Violets down our lane in Mullion 2nd January .
                   How lovely to see the Violets again so early in the year !

 I stitched a little more today . I will show you how this is coming along from time to time..just not every day .

Monday, 24 December 2018

Happy Christmas to all !

     Wishing all my friends and family a Peaceful and Blessed Christmas .

.....and if you would like to join us at our little church of St Michael's in Mullion , the Christmas Day Mass will be at 11am 25th December 2018 .

Update -
 Our Christmas service was well attended and it was lovely to sing those old and favourite Christmas carols .

 Father David read a beautiful poem  which I would like to share with you here .

                       Light Looked Down by Laurence Housman

                          Light looked down and beheld Darkness .
                              "Thither will I go ," said Light .
                           Peace looked down and beheld War .
                               "Thither will I go ," said Peace .
                         Love looked down and beheld Hatred .
                                 "Thither will I go ," said  Love .
                             So came Light and shone .
                             So came Peace and  gave rest .
                             So came Love and brought life .
                 And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us .

                                            *** *** ***

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Vintage Bernat Nativity Ring Embroidery kit W09189

I,ve been doing a little Christmas stitching , mostly before turning off the bedside lamp last thing in the evening . Not much time during the day now with Christmas fast approaching and so much to be done .
  This is a vintage crewel embroidery kit that I found on Ebay . Designed by Emile Bernat in 1976 --Bernat Yarn & Craft Corp .
   The lovely seller told me that she had started it (just one tiny purple flower petal at the top-which I left in ) and would love to see it completed and I cant wait to begin !
  So  , to begin with - sorting the colours out was very hard mainly because of the names given to the colours , which dont match up with my idea of what the colour is . If you are doing this kit , then you will know what I mean !
   My kit had lost the picture of the finished embroidery , so I had to find it online and both of the two pictures that I found were very poor quality photos..I think the original photo was very poor quality to begin very hard to match up the colours .
Then there was the wool .... which is " Bernat "1-2-3PLY" Persian Type " 100% Orlon Acrylic fibres .....which is very different to my usual Appletons crewel wool . The 70's was the time when nylon was having it's heyday !  I cringe thinking about those Nylon sheets ..everything was Nylon ...anyway so this thread has quite a different feel .
The linen is quite a loose weave , better suited to cross stitch really , but , we shall persevere !
 There is also some lovely sparking gold thread .
 The medieval Nativity scene design is lovely and I am following the instructions to see how it turns out....however I will be undoing little Lord Jesus bright yellow hair , also his red face ...which I,m afraid , I just cant live with !(see the pic above ) . I might even use a much  finer thread .
  I am going to stitch this beautiful design again , using better quality linen and threads .
 At the time I found this on Ebay I noticed that there was another one listed in America ....which had also been started ..if you are the lucky person that bought it ,  I,d love to know how you coming along with it  .
  Not sure if I,ll complete it in time for this Christmas , but it has been a nice meditative piece to embroider over Advent .
    Wishing you all a Peaceful and blessed Christmas  .

The Birds and the Bees