Sunday, 10 December 2017

Mullion Cove Cornwall Anchor needlepoint kit- red wool

No snow here yet in Mullion , but it is very windy . I,m not feeling very well , nothing serious .. Oh ! ..The rain has just begun lashing down ....
 I,ve done a little more of the Mullion Cove needlepoint kit .
If you remember , there was one skein of red wool missing from the kit .. I thought about pulling a similar colour from my hoard of wood under the bed , but couldn't quite find find the correct shade ...well I contacted Atlascraft, who put together these lovely kits for Anchor and was very quickly replied to and advised that that the missing number was 8238 and that I could order it from them on Amazon uk which I promptly did and within a couple of days it is here !

Thanks Michael at Atlascraft !  
It is such a lovely shade of  rusty orange/ red .

I don't usually do needlepoint kits , I get irritated by the way a straight line in the stamped or painted design gets distorted into steps, for example see the above roof line , the bit that is sloping down along next to my scissor blades...well I have stitched it my way.. in a nice straight line !
 I have stitched the windows in the same way and a few other places in the picture . To be honest , I would love to stitch over the whole thing my way .....waiting in the wings I have an antique needlepoint picture , which I might just experiment with..I ,ll show you next time !

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Day of Storm Caroline

Busy busy busy now with the run up to Christmas..not much time for my embroidery , but how nice it is to sit in front of the fire at the end of the day sorting out a bag of  jumbled vintage crewel wool . A bargain buy from somewhere . I think I get as much pleasure sorting wool as I do stitching with it !

Very satisfying to sort it all out and such a lovely selection of  colours .
 I, m a firm believer that colours are good for you in the same way that music is the moment I am listening to this .....I must share this with you , do have a listen ..... it is Yasmeena Amina Olya singing  The Field Song ... beautiful !       

 Here they are all sorted , they are my paints ! My mind is inspired  !

So there was a storm coming ,they said .. Storm Caroline..but for us it wasn't too bad . A windy night . They said there was more bad weather coming in the afternoon so we decided to take the dog for a walk early .
 I wanted to go down to Mullion Cove and take a look at the Harbour ...I have been working on the above needlepoint and was a little bit confused by what appears to be a water-wheel in the picture .
 I was sure that there was no water-wheel down there , so off we went to have a closer look .

                     So here we are down at the harbour at Mullion Cove .

 The tide was just beginning to come in . It is surprising  how fast it surges in .

 Sorry , no dramatic pics of giant waves crashing over the harbour wall today .
Here's a link to another nice piece of music..

As we left people were coming down in their cars , all hoping to see the wild waves whipped up by Storm Caroline and the usual commotion of cars all trying to turn around in such a small area ! It's best to park up in the car park and walk down really .

Anyway , here's the needlepoint part of the picture in question . Is that a water-wheel ?

 No , it is not !  Here is the little cottage for real and as you can see .....

                        ........ no water-wheel ....just lots of lobster pots !

 So then we went down to Poldhu to look at the waves rolling in to the beach .
Blue sky and sunshine .
One last thing , Time was made to teach this little lad , my grandson how to sew.
He had asked me if we could make a blanket  for Charlie Bear , his teddy .
He drew a picture of an anchor and said that he would like to sew it use his words.
"Right now !" he added .
So I found an old terry nappy and he drew his own design on to it with a felt tip pen and then we enjoyed a cuddly embroidery lesson stitching it with a fat needle and some thick blue tapestry wool . 
Then he wanted to embroider a ship and a house and a whale....

.....but it was time for bed , so I began the ship and wasn't quite sure how the mast and sails went , so we left it right there to finish another day ..but here is one very happy little boy ..proud of himself ..he embroidered the anchor pretty much all by himself !
 I hope the winter weather isn't too bad where you are ....I,d love to see a bit of snow ! Keep warm and take care !

Saturday, 18 November 2017

The Silk Mill - Silk threads arrived !

Yippee ! My order of silk embroidery threads from The Silk Mill arrived today !
 They have a special offer on at the moment and I got a free packet of  embroidery silk threads in these gorgeous Christmas colours .
  I am gradually building a collection of them ..I want to do something special with them ..but it's not the right time yet .
 However I might do the Anglo Saxon brooch again , which is why I have chosen this selection called "Lovely Lisboa" I,m thinking of doing it again ,but in these colours .
  Go and have a look at their website at   .
 I might show you some more tomorrow ....
              ...... so now please excuse me , while I go and play with them !

Mullion Cove Cornwall - Anchor needlepoint kit

 While I am waiting to hear from the museum about the Anglo Saxon brooch ...I am taking a look at my friend's needlepoint kit for her .
  It is an Anchor Needlepoint kit of Mullion Cove Cornwall .

 Jen and her daughter Dawn have both had a go and done the above bit of the sky .. .. .. .. and I think ,maybe , hit the tapestry brick wall . So now I,ve said  I,ll do a bit .

So I sorted out the wool colour code which is on a separate piece of canvas, it is missing one skein of red tapestry wool...which I should be able to replace or send off for from Anchor I hope . Most of my wool is crewel wool ,which is very very fine wool ....tapestry wool is much thicker..but I could probably match the colour and double the thread if I cant get the tapestry wool .
Also missing is the picture of the completed needlepoint picture , the one that would have gone on the front of the kit packet .
 The other thing I,m a bit worried about is that has been cut very close to the edge of the picture.....
        ....but should be alright if I,m very careful.  See the top picture .  I,m looking for some masking tape to cover it and strengthen it , to stop it unravelling .
 I have made a little start with it , the colours are lovely . I would love to see the original painting by Robin Davidson .

Monday, 13 November 2017

Gold !

           I,m finding this hard to put down..and now I,m thinking gold !
 I,m waiting to hear from the museum tell me what metal the brooch is made from ... I,m sure it's not gold ..but maybe copper or bronze .

                                            Or should I leave it as it is ?

 The back . Not too untidy after starting and ending on the front of the piece .
The brooch has a very satisfying heavy weight to it ,with all these little embroidered stitches . I,m not aiming for it to look the same on the back as on the front...I,m happy with it .
 I didn't use a hoop /frame . The linen around is nice , flat and unpuckered .
 I may use a hoop for this little bit of gold-work though .

         So now I,m enjoying looking through my box of golden threads  .

Friday, 10 November 2017

Anglo-Saxon Brooch crewel continued ....

 My friend and I  ( and the dogs ) enjoyed a hearty lunch of sausages and bubble,n,squeak , followed by a beautiful Autumnal walk over at Trelissick Gardens yesterday . We both agreed that it did us so much good !
 It was so nice . I just wish that I,d remembered to bring my camera !
 She treated me to this sweet little cast iron mouse !  He is already being very helpful !

I have finished the main embroidery part of this now and am trying to find all the bits and bobs that I will need , to make this up into a useful little needle-case/brooch .
This has mostly been needle-painting and I have tried to stay true to the brooch as it is today , with all the knocks it's taken over the centuries .
   It must have been truly beautiful before the copper oxidised ....although I do love the green too .
   I really need to turn my thoughts to Christmas now ,with Advent fast approaching and finish this in the New Year .


Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Whittling Wooden Needles - Cornish Hedgerow Craft

 Aah ....a beautiful sunny morning , my laundry hanging out on the washing line and we have our little dog back home . She is much better , three pots of tablets to be disguised and given with her food ..there will be another check up next week...but she has stopped being sick and stopped trembling ..the tail is wagging again !
  So I,ve been out walking , climbing and scrabbling through our beautiful Cornish hedgerows . Looking for some nice long sharp thorns to have a go at making my own sewing needles .

I managed to collect a good handful of thorns mainly from the Hawthorn or May Tree and a few from the Sloe bushes .
 I found a beautiful nest which must have blown down in the recent storm .

"Was it your nest little Robin ?"

 I spent a very relaxing and therapeutic evening , peeling the bark  and cutting the eye into the top of the needle .

             This is my first attempt . I am waiting for a needle file to arrive in the post , to just smooth it off....but am quite pleased with it as it is already .
Yes , it is only the eye of the needle that needs to be smoothed and perfected a little bit more , but it is already quite useable  .
 I made a few more , the thorn wood is quite hard and I think it will dry out even stronger still . The tip of this needle is very sharp , perfect for my crewel embroidery .  Just for fun , I will try it out and let you know how it goes .