Saturday, 14 July 2018

Briggs Garden Lady - Long Hot Cornish Summer Days

Yes , long hot Cornish summer days are here again ....and the local beaches are full of happy families , ice-creams , buckets and spades , sand castles , surf -boards and sun cream !
 Not for me...I,m sitting in our summer house in the shade with a fan on to cool me down and enjoying some stitching time ... it's too hot to do any gardening .

              I,ve completed quite a bit more and am putting in the little details .

             I thought I,d try and embroider the veins on the Pansies .......

........well , I wondered if I could ....I,m using crewel wool..which is quite thin ...thinner than tapestry wool ....

 ....but still too thick for the delicate veins . So I thought I,d try splitting the crewel wool . It was a bit fiddly but not impossible !

It didn't have to be perfect , I just wanted to give a suggestion of them being Pansies .

 This would probably look better worked in embroidery cottons or silk ...fuzzy wuzzy Pansies ... lol !

 Crewel wool is not really all that happy being split apart , as you can see in this pic...but it can be done is not too bad if you use a much shorter length than usual and be very , very gentle with it .

 I,ve added more flowers and outlined some of the basket to make it stand out more .

I always have a little Robin following me when I ,m gardening I put him in from another vintage embroidery transfer .....and pots with Lobelia .

                                             Then I thought......bees !

          Bzzzzzzzz .... By the way , the Red Hot Poker flowers  I worked in Bullion stitch with my chenille needle .
  I sought advice from Mary Corbet over at   about a suitable make of needles ....but I think the American Bullion Needle size numbers seem to be different to ours over here in the U.K.
    Then I discovered Tulip Hiroshima Bullion Knot Needles "Big Eye"..these are brilliant and make nice straight bullion knots ...unlike the ones I did with my Chenille needle .......however ...I like the way the knots turned out sort of fat at the bottom and more like Kniphofia flowers ! See what I mean in the pic above .
  Now I have several packets of ordinary Bullion Knot Needles in different makes and sizes AND these lovely Tulip Hiroshima Bullion Knot needles to play with !

             ..............then I got carried away and maybe put in too many bees !

Sometimes it's just nice to get carried away ..takes me away from thoughts of things going on out there in the world . Happy here in my own little world !

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Briggs Garden Lady - in pink !

   First of all I apologise for the poor quality pictures , my camera is playing up !

                              My Ula bag ... Ula is Cornish for Owl  ....
                                 All packed and ready for a trip .

  We have had a few more hospital appointments , husband this time , but I have found comfort,calm and peace in the hospital waiting room with my embroidery in my hands .
 We have also had a few nice short breaks away in Devon and Dorset again where I have found time to relax and stitch a little .

                                I finally settled on pink for her gown .
                     It is coming along , I am doing a little every day .


Monday, 4 June 2018

Briggs Garden Lady no 12305

  My Appletons wool , colour shade cards , are coming in very useful , deciding on which colours to use and in helping me find them in my wool collection cupboard .

                  I,m trying to decide on which colour to use for her dress .
                     I worked a few Delphiniums and some Foxgloves .

                                        A green watering can by her side .

 She is tidying , dead-heading , doing a little weeding and cutting flowers for her vase .

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Briggs "Garden Lady " transfer no 12305

                                       She's in the frame and we're off !

After working the trellis , I thought I,d do the red climbing roses ...possibly the lovely softly fragrant Climbing Rosa Guinee I think ..I need more practice with that fiddly Bullion stitch !
 I decided to call her my Briggs Garden Lady...rather than No 12305 . Also ,I only have the very fragile transfer .There is no colour picture or instruction leaflet . So I,m making this up as I go along  .
 Hope you are enjoying your Bank Holiday and half term week .


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Briggs No 12305

 So with a still very sore thumb ...I had a rummage through my vintage embroidery transfers ....and found this lovely one .
                         I just adore vintage embroidery transfers !
I don't usually like the "Crinoline Lady" pictures but I think this might be quite an early one . Maybe Edwardian ? I,m no expert ! It just has a different look to it than the usual "Crinoline Lady ".
O.k so they give me the creeps .....maybe because I cant see the face under that big bonnet ! But for some reason this one is O.k ...and I love that she is actually working in the garden .

 She is very fragile and I was not sure if there was enough transfer ink left on her so , I decided to make another copy on paper with a transfer pencil .

 I,m not all that happy with this particular pencil..the last time I did this I went over the lines too lightly and it didn't come out .
 This time I pressed a little too hard and it has ironed on to my linen a little too splodgy .... but never mind....
 It came out a bit splodgy on the "Life is Beautiful " Sampler too for that matter is hard to get it right !

 .....we will just see how this goes , I will have to make sure to cover all the pattern lines .

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Life is Beautiful !

 A quick update .....Great news...I got the "it's all good " from my surgeon after my last scan ..well for another year anyway..I can put it out of my mind .
 So this is what I,ve been stitching , while waiting in the hospital for my scan ,to help keep me calm .
 It is the "Life is Beautiful " sampler by Stacey over at
... she kindly shared her pattern for this lovely sampler and invited everyone to have a go at stitching it  and to work it with any colours or threads you choose .
 I worked mine with Appletons crewel wool  .

  I enjoyed embroidering it so much , that I have just started doing another one !

         .......and then I got spiked by this cactus on my bedroom windowsill .

                  So I guess that's it for a few days ... back soon !  :(
                       ( but you know really is beautiful ! )

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Church of St Peter and St Paul Cattistock Dorchester - Angels

 Clutching a pot of sweetly scented Violets for the lovely Rev Linda Wilcock , who gave me permission to take photographs of the William Morris and Sir Edward Burne-Jones stained glass window , from which I have embroidered one of the Pre-Raphaelite Angels .

 We drove for miles along very worrying narrow country lanes and eventually were very relieved to find the imposing Church of St Peter and St Paul in Cattistock , Dorchester ....also that we found somewhere to park along the drive that leads up to the Church !
 Pretty Snowdrops everywhere !

 I wasn't prepared  for just how much Arts and Crafts period style I was going to see and I can tell you I am still just blown away by the beauty of it all .
  If you're in the area , it's well worth a visit !
So standing here I,m already drawn in by that beautifully embroidered Altar cloth ...and just had to get a closer look .

                            I wonder who did this beautiful Goldwork ?

 These stars are repeated all throughout the church . in the stained glass windows and paintings on the walls and ceiling .

                 This is a lovely one . I must try my hand at more Goldwork .

  The William Morris and Sir Edward Burne-Jones Stained glass window .
          So this is the stained glass window that I came to see !

                                It is just breathtakingly beautiful !

 I am thinking about embroidering another Angel , very hard to choose which one .

 I was quite moved to see my Angel , he took me by the hand through some difficult times .

 There are several other beautiful stained glass windows , this child Angel just melted my heart too .

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Censing Angel - Church of St Peter and St Paul - Cattistock - Dorset

This was one of the first things I stitched using silk thread .
 The Censing Angel from the William Morris and Sir Edward  Burne-Jones  stained glass window  c.1882.The Church of St Peter and St  Paul Cattistock in Dorset .  I so love Pre-Raphaelite paintings and was just inspired to have a go at embroidering this .
 My mother had given me a small collection of reels of the most beautiful  Japanese silk fine but slippery and very difficult to work with ...I used it for the Angel's silken robe . I then embroidered the floral pattern over it .

 I used DMC cotton for the background and some tiny seed beads for the stars .
I,m uncomfortable with using beads in my embroidery . Maybe I should  have worked French knots .

               Some glittery gold thread for the thurible or incense burner .

My next piece of silk embroidery is going to take some time to do , I wont be putting it on here for a long while yet ...I prefer to go slowly . This is not a piece that I can easily carry around in my work bag .

 I love to embroider Angels . When I embroidered my medieval Steeple Aston Cope Angel..time travelling back to C.1320 .. I used DMC embroidery cotton for no other reason than I have so much of it , having been much obsessed with cross stitch at the time !
  I prefer surface hand embroidery now and mostly with crewel wool .
 Anyway ... so now I,m dabbling with silk again .....and I also have another crewel project in mind ..well ... I have to have something to work on , that I can take out with me in my bag !  It is very calming for me .
 Well , Winter has returned here in Mullion , although we did enjoy an ice cream down at the  Poldhu beach cafe this afternoon , we were all wrapped up . The sun was shining but there was a cold easterly breeze blowing ....we might have a touch more snow this week  . I,ve been dashing around the garden wrapping up my more tender plants ..and carrying in more logs for the fire ..not good for hands that want to stitch silk !  Keep warm all !