Friday, 24 January 2020

Divine Love upon the Wheel - Hildegard von Bingen - Stitching the Blues

                           I,m enjoying working the blue Colonial knots .
                             I cant wait to use that lovely coral wool  !

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Divine Love upon the Wheel Hildegard von Bingen update

I thought about doing those "petals" in long and short stitch gradually blending the different shades of blue crewel wool , but that isn't the way it's painted .
 The painting shows the lovely shades of blue swirling about like little clouds .
I decided the best way to get the painterly effect on those petals was to work them in Colonial Knots . 
  I think I can replicate that effect .... oh well .. let's see what happens !

 It is much harder than I thought choosing not only the blues but the whites too .
It seems that Appletons do lots of different shades of white crewel wool ....and guess what .... I don't have the brilliant white shade that I need  !  It needs to be a very bright white . The one in the picture above is too dull .
  So I,ll have to leave the white areas until I can get my hands on some !

I also stitched a bit of the dark blue Acanthus leaf shape in the right hand corner .
It,s been a gardening day for me today , the weather has been so nice , but I made time to do a little more of it this evening .

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Divine Love upon the Wheel - A Little Lenten Project

                                   Choosing and matching up colours .
 I had this little piece of embroidery in mind , to work on over Lent , which will begin on Ash Wednesday 26th February this year.
               Easter being on Sunday April 12th.
But I changed my mind and decided to begin it now after hearing of the passing of a very dear friend Rev.Fr.James Courtney OSB . A monk from Buckfast Abbey who came to serve here , for a short while at Mullion . A  kind , generous and very holy man ....who will be sadly missed by all in the parish .
      He will be in my thoughts and prayers while I stitch this .
It is a small section of an illumination manuscript of St Hildegard von Bingen . From Part 3, Vision 5 of the " Book of Divine Works".
 It is a small section of a much larger picture/painting . I chose to do the hand of God pouring down His love and Peace on us all .
   It is called " Divine Love upon the Wheel ".

                      I have sketched it out in pencil on a scrap of linen .

      The Illuminations/paintings of St Hildegard of Bingen are just so beautiful and amazingly modern looking , the colours are incredible for the time that she lived between 1098 - 1179 .
     They all come from the visions that she had from the age of three , and on throughout her life .
 Nobody knows for sure if she painted them herself or just described what she saw to another nun or monk who painted them as she dictated . She wrote books on herbs , diet and medicine . She wrote beautiful music ..I have no doubt in my mind , that such a creative person could certainly have been an artist too !
     I have stitched many small pieces from these illuminations , you may remember when I was embroidering " medieval stars " in a post a little while ago . They were fun little things to stitch ! This illumination is from a copy done by the nuns in about 1230 called the Lucca manuscript .

  These are just simple guidelines done with a pencil , not especially accurate .

I am stitching over these guide lines , in the colours that I intend to embroider this little piece with .  These are also not meant to be especially accurate .
 This is no way meant to be a tutorial , but merely to show how I am doing it ....but if it inspires you then that is great !
    I am making decisions about colour and stitches as I go along and I like to see how it changes . Sometimes surprises , hopefully not too much unpicking .
                         A lovely way of meditation and prayer .
                                           Peace to you .

Wednesday, 25 December 2019

Happy Christmas !

            I just wanted to wish you a blessed and peaceful Christmas .
                                 from my heart ..Hugs ...Debbie xxx

Wednesday, 18 December 2019

Sea Inspired Meditation Embroidery - a new block

                     A week passes and the weather is still wild out there !
          We wrapped ourselves up and ventured out for a walk and to get some fresh air into our lungs . . . but we could hardly stand up in the wind  so we sat in the car and watched the waves for a while .

           I have begun lighting the fire occasionally now in the evenings .

I decided to begin another piece of embroidery , another block , which will be added to my other sea inspired crewel embroidery .

 It is a Daisy-Wheel , a symbol of protection from evil , often found carved into the wooden beams of old cottages ; also on the walls and doors of medieval churches .

Unfortunately my camera hasn't really captured the rich purple shade that I have chosen ....or maybe it is the lamp light which has given it a yellowy tint .

We popped into Tesco's Cafe where I enjoyed a hot chocolate and stitched a bit more of it .....the light isn't very good in there....much better in Sainsbury's where I can sit beside the window .

                      Then I did a little more at bedtime , before sleep again  .
                    Those two bundles are my hot-water-bottles .

                                        Actually I did quite a lot more .

    Here are the other two strips that I have been slowly working away on  .
I have pretty much prepared everything now for Christmas . Cards and gifts written , wrapped and sent . I have a Christmas tree up and a few other decorations , but not as much as I usually do .
I do love Christmas , but I'm trying not to get all worried about it all .... which I usually do .
Embroidery is very calming for me .
The colours I am working with , are deliberately not Christmas colours  .
       I,m stitching myself calm .

                    I thought I,d begin the purple outer ring before sleep .

 I was listening to Classic FM which was playing such beautiful Christmas music
that I didn't notice the time .

                                I even filled in between the petals !
It looks pink , but actually it is a pale shade of blue .
Once again the camera hasn't quite caught the colours correctly in my bedside lamp light .
Hopefully it will look better with the other pieces that I am dreaming in my mind to do .

 We are on an Amber weather warning for the next few days ....but it seems to be coming up from the south so it is not too cold ......

                       ...........and I,ve seen far bigger waves than this !

 We drove down to Poldhu to watch the Starlings coming in to roost in the reeds .

                             They put on such a magnificent show !

      Drifting together in ever changing shapes so beautiful and then suddenly dropping into the reeds and they sound so cheerful too .
     It is great to watch them .

                           Then home for tea and to light the fire again .
                        The wind is still howling , but should ease up later .
                              Hope it's not too bad where you are !

Sunday, 8 December 2019

Wild Windy Night Stitching

Here I am in the study. I,ve closed the curtains on the storm that's brewing up outside ! The wind is howling and I,m afraid there will be some damage tonight .

 So I,m listening to some nice music and relaxing with my embroidery .
   I hadn't intended this to be anything in particular , it is just a nice scrap of relaxing meditation embroidery , but I have been thinking about what I might do with it and I have a few ideas .
   I tore off another strip of linen of a similar size and have been examining it .

                   It looks very old. I love vintage linen , it feels so nice .

I want to show off it's lovely fibres and so I spent about an hour with my needle , pulling away the woven threads .

Very satisfying , I could have pulled it all to pieces I was so deep in thought .

 At the moment I have what are beginning to look like two embroidered borders .

 I continued with the Lazy Daisy stitches , enjoying all the soothing shades of blue .

   It is getting late so I think I will continue this in bed for a little while before sleep .
We,ve had some torrential rain and had a few lightening flashes , but it's the wind that is rather worrying this evening .

                             Here's hoping that it wont last too long .

Monday, 2 December 2019

Sea Inspired Meditation Embroidery

After a clear cold night and a frosty early morning , which had all gone by sunrise , we set off for a walk along the cliffs .
 We didn't go too far , but we wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine today !

We walked to the Marconi Monument , where we love to sit and just look out over the sparkling sea and blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun on our faces .

                                     Today you could see for miles !

This is looking towards St Michael's  Mount , where there are already daffodils in full bloom !

 I had brought along , a scrap of linen and a small selection of crewel wool in shades of blue , a chenille needle and my tiny scissors and began a simple " Sea Inspired " meditation embroidery .
  A more contemporary piece deliberately different from my usual style .
I'll show you my usual meditative stitching in my next post .

Just a calming little piece , just stitching as the mood takes me , going with the flow, enjoying the rhythm and the simplicity of little chain stitches .

                                       I,m in the mood for blue today .

                  The soft , blue wool , warm and soothing in my hands .

Not even the slightest breeze today , warm sunshine and so peaceful and quiet .
              Such a blessing after all the rain and gales last week !

 Soothing little stitches , tears of sadness, tears of joy , ripples on the sea , shoals of tiny fish , white sea foam .  Thoughts unfolding through my needle .
  Comforting rhythm as the needle passes through the linen cloth scrap .

                                      Gentle waves lapping the shore .

We sat and talked happy talk , reminiscing about when the children were small and of the dogs we'd walked along these cliffs   .

 We watched a little bird , who flew down quite close , flew off and came back again to the same spot over and over again .
  I found myself  looking closer at the seedpods of flowers from last summer , bleached in the sun , the wind and the rain .  So much inspiration  !

Simple Lazy Daisy stitches my mother taught me ! I looked it up and found that this is more properly known as detached chain stitch or sometimes known as isolated chain stitch .
                                No hoop ... my cloth just gently held in hand . Relax .

  Looking towards the cliffs , tin mines and engine houses along Rinsey , between Porthleven and Praa Sands . Memories of so many beautiful walks with our dogs along that stretch of the cliffs , with my dear friend Kath and her lovely old Labrador Elsa . My dear old friend knew where we could find four leaved clover leaves .......and took me there ..... and sure enough....we each found one !
 I still have mine in a little picture frame !
             She moved away ......

                                  The rugged cliffs and caves of Poldhu .
 I think we all need more days like this and to get out and make the most of these precious hours .
  I am enjoying this free and easy meditative embroidery , so very therapeutic .

                                      I don't feel that is is finished yet .