Sunday, 13 May 2018

Life is Beautiful !

 A quick update .....Great news...I got the "it's all good " from my surgeon after my last scan ..well for another year anyway..I can put it out of my mind .
 So this is what I,ve been stitching , while waiting in the hospital for my scan ,to help keep me calm .
 It is the "Life is Beautiful " sampler by Stacey over at
... she kindly shared her pattern for this lovely sampler and invited everyone to have a go at stitching it  and to work it with any colours or threads you choose .
 I worked mine with Appletons crewel wool  .

  I enjoyed embroidering it so much , that I have just started doing another one !

         .......and then I got spiked by this cactus on my bedroom windowsill .

                  So I guess that's it for a few days ... back soon !  :(
                       ( but you know really is beautiful ! )

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Church of St Peter and St Paul Cattistock Dorchester - Angels

 Clutching a pot of sweetly scented Violets for the lovely Rev Linda Wilcock , who gave me permission to take photographs of the William Morris and Sir Edward Burne-Jones stained glass window , from which I have embroidered one of the Pre-Raphaelite Angels .

 We drove for miles along very worrying narrow country lanes and eventually were very relieved to find the imposing Church of St Peter and St Paul in Cattistock , Dorchester ....also that we found somewhere to park along the drive that leads up to the Church !
 Pretty Snowdrops everywhere !

 I wasn't prepared  for just how much Arts and Crafts period style I was going to see and I can tell you I am still just blown away by the beauty of it all .
  If you're in the area , it's well worth a visit !
So standing here I,m already drawn in by that beautifully embroidered Altar cloth ...and just had to get a closer look .

                            I wonder who did this beautiful Goldwork ?

 These stars are repeated all throughout the church . in the stained glass windows and paintings on the walls and ceiling .

                 This is a lovely one . I must try my hand at more Goldwork .

  The William Morris and Sir Edward Burne-Jones Stained glass window .
          So this is the stained glass window that I came to see !

                                It is just breathtakingly beautiful !

 I am thinking about embroidering another Angel , very hard to choose which one .

 I was quite moved to see my Angel , he took me by the hand through some difficult times .

 There are several other beautiful stained glass windows , this child Angel just melted my heart too .

Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Censing Angel - Church of St Peter and St Paul - Cattistock - Dorset

This was one of the first things I stitched using silk thread .
 The Censing Angel from the William Morris and Sir Edward  Burne-Jones  stained glass window  c.1882.The Church of St Peter and St  Paul Cattistock in Dorset .  I so love Pre-Raphaelite paintings and was just inspired to have a go at embroidering this .
 My mother had given me a small collection of reels of the most beautiful  Japanese silk fine but slippery and very difficult to work with ...I used it for the Angel's silken robe . I then embroidered the floral pattern over it .

 I used DMC cotton for the background and some tiny seed beads for the stars .
I,m uncomfortable with using beads in my embroidery . Maybe I should  have worked French knots .

               Some glittery gold thread for the thurible or incense burner .

My next piece of silk embroidery is going to take some time to do , I wont be putting it on here for a long while yet ...I prefer to go slowly . This is not a piece that I can easily carry around in my work bag .

 I love to embroider Angels . When I embroidered my medieval Steeple Aston Cope Angel..time travelling back to C.1320 .. I used DMC embroidery cotton for no other reason than I have so much of it , having been much obsessed with cross stitch at the time !
  I prefer surface hand embroidery now and mostly with crewel wool .
 Anyway ... so now I,m dabbling with silk again .....and I also have another crewel project in mind ..well ... I have to have something to work on , that I can take out with me in my bag !  It is very calming for me .
 Well , Winter has returned here in Mullion , although we did enjoy an ice cream down at the  Poldhu beach cafe this afternoon , we were all wrapped up . The sun was shining but there was a cold easterly breeze blowing ....we might have a touch more snow this week  . I,ve been dashing around the garden wrapping up my more tender plants ..and carrying in more logs for the fire ..not good for hands that want to stitch silk !  Keep warm all !

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Preparing to use my silk embroidery threads

The time has come that I want to use my silk embroidery thread ....the thing is , it is so slippery smooth and delicate that I am trying not to handle it too much .
 It will snag very easily if not handled with extreme care .  They do need a bit of discipline !
It is a completely different animal to the cotton embroidery threads !!!
   I have gathered a small collection of these beautiful silk skeins and up until now I have wrapped them in tissue and stored them in these Tupperware boxes .
 Now that I want to use them , it would be a better idea to have them out and  cut into lengths ready to use .  I have heard that these pasta racks are a good way to do this .

                                      Wood-work is not really my thing !

     After an hour or so ...but the dowels do not overhang the ends quite like in the picture on the box !  grrrr !

                                             The picture on the box !

 Anyway !....The dowels feel smooth to me , but the silk did not slide on as I had hoped . So I wrapped the dowels in tissue and twisted the ends .

                                                ......and this works !

                            I cant wait to use my silk embroidery threads .

 I have some other makes and some gorgeous antique ones ..I will show you next time ...but these beauties are from The Silk Mill in France .

                                   I am tying them on loosely like this .

         They look so pretty ...... but it is time to pull those paper labels off !

 I,d like to hear how you organise your silk embroidery threads ? How do you make them work for you ?

Monday, 12 February 2018

St Valentine's Day and stitching little things .


 I,ve been busy stitching little things this week , a thankyou card for Alison ,for my beautiful "Give away " gifts .  A lady's sewing roll or husif for my Sister and a very special Valentine's Day card  for my sweetheart husband ( who is in the other room watching "Friends" right now lol !)....I try to make him one every year ...there are years when I,ve just been run off my feet with babies or teenagers or illness and I,ve missed those years , but I have a little pile of Valentine's Day cards that I,ve made , in the pocket at the back of our Wedding Photograph Album ...they do bring back happy memories especially the ones where I,ve stuck little photographs of us as boy and girlfriend , or as just engaged sweethearts ... even little poems I,ve written and stuck inside !
 We usually go on a picnic  and I set him the challenge to pick me a little posie of any flowers that he can find in our garden or hedgerow .
 These simple things mean so much to me .

By the way , for those of us who do church , it also Ash Wednesday and the first day of Lent ....

.. which also means that it is Shrove Tuesday tomorrow ...Pancakes !  Yippee ! :)

Wednesday, 7 February 2018


Recovering slowly from flu ....and the weather is not helping . I,m keeping away from everybody, not wishing to give it to anyone else .
  Not getting much sleep with the annoying chesty cough .

 But I picked up my needle and thread yesterday evening and stitched a couple of little bluebirds . These I drew freehand with a pencil directly onto the linen .
  Both are therefore slightly different , it's very relaxing just to draw your own designs with a pencil .

       ... and very satisfying to see how they turn out as I stitch .

 I wanted to say thank-you to Alison for the pretty pin cushion and vintage and Liberty print needle-case that I won from her recent "Give Away " over on her lovely "Stitches of Time " wordpress blog .

 So pretty and the Liberty print reminds me of when I worked at Liberty's many years ago !

 I love them to pieces ! ..especially that little purple flower button in the middle !
     Thankyou once again Alison..and there will be a "thankyou note " coming your way , just as soon as I get rid of the flu bugs !

We have had a dusting of snow, this is the view from my bedroom window .

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Getting ready for Christmas busy busy busy !

 I know it looks like it's finished , but there's actually quite a lot still to do ..these needlepoint kits get more tricky as you come towards the end . All the larger areas completed but there are lots and lots of odd stitches dotted about , here and there , and all of different colours.
This has to be put aside now as I have so much to do preparing for Christmas . I also have some silk embroidery thread ordered and on it's way from The Silk Mill in France , so that I can get back to doing the Anglo Saxon Brooch ..I also have some other ideas for my crewelwork ...isn't it wonderful when the ideas come flooding in ! So exciting !
 I,m thinking about how I,m going to store and organise these lovely silk threads. I will let you know how it goes .
 The Christmas card in the collage photo below is from a painting done by my dear friend Adrian Mills . He lived in Mullion and was such a gifted artist . I remember this one hanging in his lounge, where we had our Wednesday Prayer Meetings ..he told me that he had painted himself as a younger man as St Joseph ..I love the way the light pours down from above and there are streams of light coming from the baby Jesus right hand . Some of the objects in the foreground were in his lounge too . He sadly died a few years ago , I do miss him  , such a kind and gentle man .

You can click to zoom in...those are some of the pink roses I used at our church for Gaudete Sunday ...sorry I didn't get a photo of it . The basket is full of more flower arranging things , the white flowers we collected from the florist in Helston .  We saw bouquets of flowers in the supermarket  , but I had wanted only the very best for our Christmas flower arrangements . I ordered them weeks ago ..5 large white carnations and two bunches of gypsophila ..and she gave me an extra bunch for free and was so helpful in giving me advise about keeping the flowers and especially the Pittasporum  looking fresh .
 My husband ( who is coming down with a bad cold ) and our little dog sat and kept me company for an hour and a half while I arranged the flowers in our little  church . Once again , I didn't bring my camera...I,ll try and get a picture tomorrow ...but maybe you,ll be there ? !
 Sunday mass will be at the normal time of 11am and then we have been allowed to have Christmas Midnight mass at the earlier time of 6pm on Christmas Eve .
   I know it's confusing , but we are so blessed to have this mass here in St  Michael's  Church Mullion ...I do hope lots of people come !
  I,m praying for someone to come along who can play the organ , so that we can sing a few Christmas carols !

I wish you all a peaceful and love filled Christmas . I wish you a happy and healthy New Year 2018 . ( with lots of time to sit and do your embroidery or crafting lovely things ! )

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Mullion Cove Cornwall Anchor needlepoint kit- red wool

No snow here yet in Mullion , but it is very windy . I,m not feeling very well , nothing serious .. Oh ! ..The rain has just begun lashing down ....
 I,ve done a little more of the Mullion Cove needlepoint kit .
If you remember , there was one skein of red wool missing from the kit .. I thought about pulling a similar colour from my hoard of wood under the bed , but couldn't quite find find the correct shade ...well I contacted Atlascraft, who put together these lovely kits for Anchor and was very quickly replied to and advised that that the missing number was 8238 and that I could order it from them on Amazon uk which I promptly did and within a couple of days it is here !

Thanks Michael at Atlascraft !  
It is such a lovely shade of  rusty orange/ red .

I don't usually do needlepoint kits , I get irritated by the way a straight line in the stamped or painted design gets distorted into steps, for example see the above roof line , the bit that is sloping down along next to my scissor blades...well I have stitched it my way.. in a nice straight line !
 I have stitched the windows in the same way and a few other places in the picture . To be honest , I would love to stitch over the whole thing my way .....waiting in the wings I have an antique needlepoint picture , which I might just experiment with..I ,ll show you next time !

Life is Beautiful !