Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Furry Creatures continued...

 Very fiddly , this Tufted Stitch is very scary ! The caterpillar on the kit picture has been worked slightly differently to the kit instructions diagram , which gives the caterpillar more  stripes ...I think he looks proper Cornish ..and decided to work him with more stripes. I still need to stitch in his antennae and feet .
 Then on to that squirrel . I forgot to take a picture here , of the guide lines that I found helpful to draw on with a pencil , to remind myself of the stitch direction , the way the fur lies .
 One of the annoying things about these kits is trying to make sure the stitches cover the printed lines . When I design my own  pictures I use a pencil and as I work over it, the pencil lines disappear . When I have completed this kit , I will go back over it and tidy up all those turquoise lines .
 I continued with three shades of the crewel wool for his bushy tail .

 Looking good so far ,This stitch has various other names such as Carpet stitch and Turkey Work . Then to carefully snip all the loops .

All loops carefully snipped and then I spent a very meditative 20 mins or so just teasing apart each of those snipped woolen threads , to give it a more blended and softer squirrelly tail look .
 Tomorrow I,ll begin the rabbit, which has just a little bit more of this tufted stitch for his tail  .
  It's all good practice !

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