Friday, 3 June 2016

Little Elsa Williams Crewel Kit

I love Elsa Williams books on Crewel embroidery and thought I might try one of her kits .
 So I bought this sweet little kit ..and then discover that this was actually designed by another lady ,  Louise Chrimes . I would really like to know more about Louise Chrimes but can find nothing on the internet . Why is her name not in bigger letters on the packet ?
  It is a charming design . At first I was worried about there not being enough crewel wool in the kit, but it seems I,ll be o.k .
The crewel wool is smoother , but  thicker than the Appletons crewel wool that I usually use ..... not as thick as tapestry wool but definitely thicker .
 Also the colours have names and not numbers , which makes it a bit difficult to see which colours are which , especially when one is gold brown and another brown gold on the instructions and the little skeins of wool themselves are not labelled . I,ve had to refer to the picture and hope for the best .
 I,m going at a much slower pace on this than I normally do , because I keep having to read the instruction leaflet ...and the instructions are on the reverse side of the picture which I also keep needing to refer to .

I seem to be settling down into it now , preparing the next bit to do and having the colours sorted and needle threaded before I go out anywhere . It is slipped into my handbag , to do a little more , whenever I have a few minutes .


  1. More information about Louise Chrimes, plus many of her patterns, are available on the Elsa Williams Crewel Facebook page. A book of Chrimes patterns is in development.

    1. Oh ! That is very interesting ...thankyou ! :)


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