Friday, 8 January 2016

A Little Further Down the Country Lane Briggs

So , for the lady gathering flowers in her pretty cottage garden , I took out and re stitched her blouse a Primrose yellow , as is quite clear on the Briggs Leaflet .

      She also has a white bonnet , which will show up more when I fill in the porch .

And then , after all I said about saving the best bits to last , I couldn't resist embroidering her little gossiping friend !  
  On the leaflet it looks as if there is a third figure leaning over the gate , but after scanning it in and enlarging it , I can see that it is just delphiniums and lupins ,which are  purple and blue French knots  , the sweet pink roses around the porch,  are Raised Rose Stitch .

I remember very little of last year , recovering from a big op and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder , I found it so hard to sleep and it makes me feel very .frightened .
      Embroidery with lovely soft crewel wool is very soothing and helping it to fade away . Indeed  Briggs created and gave out crewel kits for convalescing , wounded service men during war times .I often wondered what a soldier must have thought on being given an embroidery kit to do !
     Along with gardening , I,m finding  it is remarkably calming .
 Another time I will show you one of these kits .  A Briggs Jacobean Crewel Cushion panel that I have tucked away .
 Any how  ,It is pouring down with rain here in Mullion and what I was going to say was , how this picture is making me look forward to hopefully a glorious Spring and flower filled Summer .
  "  You pick yourself up ...dust yourself down ..and start all over again ! "  
    Sometimes I have to unpick stitches and start again too  .


  1. How lovely that you are making the picture your own. You are right, sewing can be so soothing and calming. I am thinking about beginning a new patchwork....though I still have an unfinished one...

  2. We are really fortunate, when we have a skill, one which has probably taken years to perfect...then when we have to take things a little gently, we can sit and create and enjoy a sense of achievement. I am so enjoying watching this embroidery progress. Thank you for sharing Daisy.

  3. I am still working on this and will give an update when I,m over this horrible flu .


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