Monday, 1 July 2019

The Birds and the Bees

Time for an update !   It's been a very busy time out in my garden and then I had Flu which knocked me for six !  I have still worked on this little scrap of embroidery . A little more every day .
 I,m using crewel wool . I,m calling it my Cornish Folk Embroidery with Crewel Wool .  It's what I do . It's the way I love to do my embroideries .
As I stitch I feel all my cares and worries melt away .
 The sun is shining in the big blue Cornish sky , any clouds just passing us by .
Happy families down at the beach , ice lollies , sandcastles , surf boards , pasties and fun !

  And so I stitched , and brought in my friends . The Blue tits are nesting in that bird house .

                    The fat Owl who lives in our towering Pine tree .

 We have had a pair of Ravens nesting up there too this year . It has been beautiful to watch them raising their three chicks .
 I will have to put them in here somewhere ....and my grandson says " What about the Woodpeckers that are nesting up there too ? You must do a Woodpecker ! We love to see the Woodpeckers ! " .... I will have to put hem in somewhere too !

                            ........and the Badgers ....beautiful creatures .

  " Don't forget my Sweetpeas ! " says my husband " Our garden seat and the towering Giant Echium with the buzzing bees ! "

                                              Sorry it's a bit blurred ! 

                                   Beautiful fox quietly passing through .

          Blackbird hopping through the undergrowth . They have a nest nearby .

 I might change him slightly, change the colour of his eyes and feet ...and finish filling in the trunk of the towering Pine tree .

                                          Another little Blue Tit  .

        The new garden seat .  A nice place to sit and do my embroidery , close my eyes and listen to the birds and the bees .
   Hope you are enjoying the sunshine . Hope it is not too hot for you , take care . Drink more water . Keep cool .  Enjoy !  x

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