Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Schole-house for the Needle 1632 Richard Shorleyker

Hallo again , here are some of the little pieces that I embroidered whilst on our travels around Tewkesbury .
   The patterns that I have chosen come from my favourite historical embroidery pattern book -
            A Schole-house for the Needle  by Richard Shorleyker published in 1632
            It is said that some of these patterns may be from an even earlier date .

Before we left home ,  I gathered my embroidery supplies and plucked a small assortment of crewel wool , which I hoped would work for the little subjects chosen .

I particularly love the moth and enjoyed slowly working on him , deciding on colours and how to embroider him as I went along .

     I,m going to make these up into little etui and note books ...pretty Christmas gifts ... with a little flavour of Shakespeare maybe ?

Today I will be putting my feet up and relaxing with my needlework in the Summerhouse

                                     I wish you a happy and peaceful Sunday .


  1. Your stitchery is so beautiful.

    1. Thankyou , I find it very relaxing . Ooh ! It has just started raining here in Mullion needs it ! : )

  2. In the garden embroidering moths and other flora...what a perfect way to spend a few hours. These are looking fabulous Daisy.

  3. I was rubbish at working French knots when I did this. I was actually doing Bullion knots with only one or two wraps around the needle .
    I have since learnt to do both the French knot and the Colonial knot...of which my preference is the Colonial knot .The method of working it seems easier to remember.


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