Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Little Cornish Piskie Boy

                              I,m really enjoying stitching this cheeky little chap !

                                      He has been coming everywhere with me  .

 I wanted to back track a little bit and talk about the embroidering of faces .
If there are faces in any embroidery piece that I am doing ; people , animals or indeed fairy folk , then these will usually be , the areas that I stitch first .
  For me it is a kind of modeling with thread and only giving the suggestion of the facial features , works best for me .
 If I am using embroidery cotton or silk thread , then I can put in more detail...but for my little Cornish Piskie boy , I am using crewel wool ...so I must try not to over do it .
  I didn't like those black eyebrows and felt so much happier after I unpicked them .
I hope to do a little more today , the sun is shining , but there is a cold Northerly wind blowing ....hope it's not too cold where you are .

Piskie , Pixie , Pesky , Piskey, Pisky , Pigsy .... fairy folk found in England . Piskies are commonly to be found in Cornwall .

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