Friday, 22 April 2016

Cornish Piskies and Doll making

A little project that I,ve been carrying around with me in my handbag is this little Cornish Piskie..(or Pixie as the folks in Kent say .)

 ....but I,ve put him aside  for  awhile , as I,m thinking of getting out my doll making stuff again ......

  My grandmother made dolls , my mother made dolls and I too just love making dolls .
 I haven,t got many to show you , since most of them have been given away to school bazaars , jumble sales , Church Fairs , various charity raffles, or just given to little girls , both mine in the family and friends .There was one that was sadly left on the seat of a London Underground train....oh the tears ! We never got that one back .
 This one above, a cloth doll, I decided to keep for myself , but I also make dolls out of whittled wood and clay .

Here's my Wood Whittling box you remember those Whale thread winders that I made ?

                               ........and here's my first carved spoon : )

                                 ..............but getting back to the dolls....

It is lovely ,especially as I embroider their faces , how they seem to become very real little personalities .

Also in this box , wrapped in a muslin cloth , is a clay doll that I begun a couple of years ago . I still have to paint her , give her hair , make a cloth body and dress her .

Here are some simple arms and legs  whittled out of sticks , this one is going to be a Christmas tree fairy doll , but I was wondering how I could make a jointed limb doll .
 I cant seem to find any clear instructions on how to do this. I think I will need a drill of some sort ( scary ) some wire to pass through the hole..but I,m not sure how to finish the cut off wire at the shoulders and hip joints .....I,m worried about the wire being sharp .
An old book , had a piece of paper glued into the front cover with instructions for a puppet or marionette , which was interesting but still not totally clear .

So then ...... whilst browsing on Ebay ....I came across a simple little doll made of sticks !
  I thought that I could have a really close up look at it and work it out for myself . So I bid on it ......and won !
 Then on enquiring if the person selling it had made it themselves ...I discover that it had been found in the loft of a 500 year old cottage in Kent .....wrapped in a piece of cloth....hanging from a nail in a beam !
   I,m waiting for the postman right now ......

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