Saturday, 20 February 2016

Down the Country Lane finished .

So there we are , finished and waiting to be put into a frame . A lovely Briggs Cottage  Embroidery  ,begun by a lady back in the 1930's / 1940's to  just under half ...then  just over half completed by me  . I really enjoyed stitching this !
 People  ask how long it takes to do  ?  Hmmm.... The cream area of sky took me five long hours sitting in the waiting rooms at Penzance Hospital waiting for scans and tests ...but generally I dont even think about it , snatching stitching time where ever and when ever I can . My embroidery is always in my bag  !
 Thanks for visiting my embroidery and needlework journal  . I always love to read your comments . Please dont take my photos , not for any reason , I prefer people to find me here .
 So now , what next ?


  1. This is just beautiful. It is so good for you to save and finish this piece.

  2. Hi Sylvia , so now its on my "waiting to be framed " list ! : )

  3. I forgot to mention, I'm coming over and moving into your house. And 'borrowing' your sewing stuff.


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