Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Country Lane - Briggs

 One of several projects that I,m working on at the moment is a lovely old Briggs  crewel embroidery " A Country Lane "

 So when I,ve cleared the table , I,ll show you whats in my little sewing basket .

 This was such a delightful find , already started ,the linen stamped with this lovely country cottage scene .  A bundle of Penelope Crewel Wool came with it , not all the colour numbers matched the list on the leaflet and I had a job to find and buy a few more .

When I begin a project such as this , I generally start with the most tedious and boring parts first , then when I really cant bear to do any more , I treat myself to stitching an area that is more satisfying  , such as the flowers . Who ever began this before me, had started with the best bits and then got bored ,  I can tell ! ...and then I can see that maybe someone else had tried to finish it with huge stitches and realised that their stitching was no way as fine , to be fair ,they gave it a good go and gave up .

I have had to take out quite a lot of it . I,m mostly doing it by looking at the picture on the leaflet , which is falling apart and very hard to see the colours and stitch directions  . The black and white photo inside the leaflet is no help at all either ! I,ve scanned it into my computer and enlarged it and still it is difficult to see . It is a very painterly design ,which I suppose gives me a little more freedom .

                                  A couple of areas that I had to unpick and re do .

The vintage Penelope Crewel Wool  is in good condition and pulls surprisingly beautifully from the middle of the skein .

Whilst stitching this , I am deep in thought about what I am going to embroider with all the beautiful real silk threads that I have slowly been gathering ....I need a good few more  green shades and a couple of violet blue and rosie purple  ...sigh ...I,m a firm believer that colours are good for you !  Happy stitching  : )


  1. It's going to look lovely. I do like colours, especially on my collection of DMC threads for cross stitching.

    1. Yes , the familiar DMC Cotton skeins are what I started out with for following charted cross stitch , beautiful colours and reliable quality .I used to do a lot of cross stitch so I have a box full of them .
      For needle painting and surface embroidery I love trying out other threads, perle cotton , crewel , silk and gold threads . Cross stitching is becoming more popular again it,s very therapeutic isn't it ?

  2. Oh, I can see that this is going to be so very lovely, now that you are putting your touch to this.

    1. I hope so .....I did a little more today :)


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